3 Mar

Best breakfast everrrr


A Home.

2 Mar

The keys are mine!

Day 9…and some BIG news!

1 Mar

Well… I’m MOVING tomorrow!… or beginning to anyway.

I’m renting a tiny tiny little house in the middle of a precious little neighborhood. This photo is looking left after you walk out of the kitchen and into my bedroom… and just to the left of those closets is the only bathroom. It’s going to be interesting. haha.

Update about this past weekend… It was SO much fun! We went shopping and ate out and played with puppies and saw an amazing movie. Grace Card. Everyone should see it!
This post is all over the place. sorry.  🙂
But… God is SO SO good.
Seriously, SO good!

Day 8! yahoo!

27 Feb

Kansas was fantastic!! I need to update at a computer later!

Day 7!!

27 Feb

Classy Texas Hold ‘Em in Starbucks! Bananagrams as chips. So fun.

day 6!

26 Feb

I’m in Kansas! Updating from the BB is tough! Will write more at a computer!

day 5!!

25 Feb

Okay!!! Photo today is of the red velvet cheesecake brownies I just made… SO delish!!!