10 Mar

Its Lent. A couple years ago I read through Purpose Driven Life, it was awesome. I am trying to honor God with my body… I am going to do ‘Meatless Mondays’ (and Thursdays)
Don’t tell my brother… Haha, being into agriculture and farming he isn’t keen on the idea of me wanting to cut out meat, red meat especially. Anyway, I am also going to be better about having a GOOD quiet time these 40 days. Lately I have just felt so blah. I just feel like I’m missing something, and I hate that feeling. I know what I’m missing, I know how to fix it, and I know that I am not doing things right. Hopefully I can get myself back on the right path soon… So, there’s the update for you. Pictures from the past days will be coming. I don’t have a computer or internet right now and I have pictures on my camera that I want to upload. 🙂


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