Project 365- Day 3

23 Feb

What a day!
The kids were CRAZY today, and I could hardly keep my eyes open. I must have been up WAY too late last night. I think that means I need an early bed time tonight!
Good news for today:
Apartment hunting! I was totally disappointed by a couple phone calls, but the last couple were actually good news! I MAY be getting close to something! Yahoo… considering I have until March 2nd to find somewhere to live! yipes!

God certainly does provide! …and I’m praying Saturday He will provide me with a HOUSE to rent! …so please say a little prayer that the girl who was also interested changes her mind!

Bad news for today:Splitting headache ALL day…and the Y was super super busy. I didn’t even get a chance to catch my breath. I really am not good at working at the desk yet… in fact the BOSS of the Y came up and worked with me for a while… talk about pressure. Hopefully they don’t think I’m worthless up there, I love it and I’m trying really hard!

Today’s photo is a photo of how I’m feeling right now… BEAT.

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