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Day 8! yahoo!

27 Feb

Kansas was fantastic!! I need to update at a computer later!


Day 7!!

27 Feb

Classy Texas Hold ‘Em in Starbucks! Bananagrams as chips. So fun.

day 6!

26 Feb

I’m in Kansas! Updating from the BB is tough! Will write more at a computer!

day 5!!

25 Feb

Okay!!! Photo today is of the red velvet cheesecake brownies I just made… SO delish!!!

Day 4!

24 Feb

I stayed home sick today.

I slept a whole bunch and surfed the internet. Hence, today’s picture is of me at my computer.
I searched for more apartments… came up empty handed yet again. I’m still praying that Saturday will bring me good news. However, my dad’s boss owns some property and could give me a good deal, and a guy I’m on a committee at church with has some property as well. Hopefully one of those connections will get me somewhere SOON! Grandparents come home in 7 days. …and I’m going to be in Kansas for 3 of those days. Wow.. Time is flying.

Anyway. Friday I have a weigh in for Live Healthy Iowa. Since the program started on January 20th I have lost 15 lbs… hopefully Friday will boost my number up higher than that! I feel soooo much better! 🙂  

Project 365- Day 3

23 Feb

What a day!
The kids were CRAZY today, and I could hardly keep my eyes open. I must have been up WAY too late last night. I think that means I need an early bed time tonight!
Good news for today:
Apartment hunting! I was totally disappointed by a couple phone calls, but the last couple were actually good news! I MAY be getting close to something! Yahoo… considering I have until March 2nd to find somewhere to live! yipes!

God certainly does provide! …and I’m praying Saturday He will provide me with a HOUSE to rent! …so please say a little prayer that the girl who was also interested changes her mind!

Bad news for today:Splitting headache ALL day…and the Y was super super busy. I didn’t even get a chance to catch my breath. I really am not good at working at the desk yet… in fact the BOSS of the Y came up and worked with me for a while… talk about pressure. Hopefully they don’t think I’m worthless up there, I love it and I’m trying really hard!

Today’s photo is a photo of how I’m feeling right now… BEAT.

day 2, Project 365

22 Feb

So I planned on posting a picture I took of a very happy face, but my phone isn’t letting me send pictures right now. Weird.

If I had done that I would tell you that I am full of joy. God is so good, always. No matter what comes your way…you don’t have to worry, He’s right there with you, He’s gone before you, and He is so in love with you.
So, there’s that.

Instead, I’m posting a picture I took this morning of an ice covered flag.

The flag was stiff and the wind was blowing. It was incredible. Maybe my mind is simple… but something about that frozen flag was intriguing to me. 🙂